STF ITech represents innovative digitalisation solutions that create demonstrable value added. In doing so, we rely on our extensive knowledge in the fields of telecommunications and IT security.

Digital potential

Digital transformation is presenting companies and organisation with immense challenges. However, at the same time it offers enormous potential to reduce costs, target new markets and optimise services and processes. So that you can tap the full potential, an individual concept and approach is necessary for your company or organisation, and it must be tailored to your needs. We will help you tap into the potential of digital transformation and ward off risks.

  • Opportunity and risk analysis and strategy development

    We will look at what opportunities the use of digital technology has for you and what risks your organisation is facing. The areas of activity coming into question will be assessed according to suitable criteria and prioritised. Based on this, we will develop an individual digitalisation strategy for you.

  • Business process analysis and design

    Technical and logistical processes in particular enable value added to increase with the inclusion of new technologies such as intelligent sensors. We will analyse your processes focusing on existing digital potential, and work with you to develop your future intended process.

  • Project management and organisation development

    Only a professional project management system can guarantee the fast and efficient implementation of your digitalisation potential. We will actively support you with certified method experts in the planning and management of your projects.

Digital applications

Digitalised business processes require the support of suitable digital applications. Our expertise includes multiple application cases in which we can support you effectively, from process design, selection and introduction accompaniment for IT systems, to the guarantee of an adequate ICT infrastructure.

  • Document management and e-files

    We will make your management and administration more efficient: With continuous digital handling of document-based business processes we will help you avoid media disruptions and ensure transparency along the whole process chain. As a result, you will see a clear increase in productivity and the quality of your document-based business processes.

  • Cloud-based ERP/CRM systems

    With the availability of reliable broadband internet connections, even complex enterprise software can be operated in the cloud. We will help you with the planning and implementation of corresponding introductory projects and guarantee sufficient bandwidth for reliable cloud use.

  • Building information modeling (BIM)

    BIM (building information modeling) makes construction projects more efficient and transparent – bad planning is eliminated as early as possible and construction costs are reduced. With the targeted use of BIM, we will support your construction and planning projects in cooperation with our experts in the specialist planning of technical building equipment from STF Energy.

  • Interactive retail

    Instead of dead spots in shops, customers of the future will expect the intelligent use of modern technologies such as WLAN, in-shop navigation with beacons, and digital coupons, smartphone payment and virtual product advice on fixed tablets. A prerequisite for this is adequate in-house connection on the sales floor, which we can plan for you exactly.

  • Digital customer communication

    In the growing web-based B2C trade and services industry, customer service is becoming a more and more predominant competition factor.  We will support you in the use of artificial intelligence in the customer contact centre in order to reduce costs, ensure quality and increase scalability.

Digital networking

A technological foundation for digital transformation is the high-performance connection of workstations and technical devices to digital services. With an increasing dependence on digital applications, the importance of a stable broadband internet supply with guaranteed connection quality is also growing. In-house signal coverage must also be guaranteed – both in offices and in production and storage areas – so that mobile connected devices can always establish a reliable connection.

  • Cloud readiness check

    Before using cloud-based applications or web-based services, we check whether the available internet connection is sufficiently dimensioned and stable enough at all relevant workstations for the planned use. If necessary, we make recommendations for the specific extension of the network and the guarantee of connection security, e.g. via failover components and a redundant internet connection.

  • Networking strategy and concepts

    Based on your current and planned digital applications and their performance requirements, we will develop an overall strategy for the development or extension of your network infrastructure. This will include the issues of site networking, LAN/WLAN networks and in-house supply for mobile network services.

  • Campus networks and in-house supply

    For security and compliance reasons, the separation of site networks from the public internet is often necessary. Nevertheless, workstations and connected devices must be able to access areas such as a cloud. We will create the right solutions for you, for the corresponding structure of the network and the network management of different buildings and/or sites.

  • Sensor technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

    Sensor technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are important building blocks in digitalisation with which intelligent energy and climate management in buildings or outdoor logistics applications, for example, can be implemented. The digitalisation potential of the Internet of Things relies on networked sensors and actuators. By meticulously planning your network infrastructure, we will guarantee reliable data exchange with your central systems.

Digital security

Information security requires special attention in the digitalisation of business processes. Data security is generally increased when using cloud-based applications and services, as corresponding suppliers can implement more effective security measures than small and medium-sized companies, due to the economies of scale. A key prerequisite, however, is the correct configuration of the network infrastructure and the use of encrypted communication channels. 

As well as the purely technical aspects of IT security, organisational aspects should also be taken into consideration. Successful attacks on IT infrastructures mainly continue in the form of phishing emails. Suitable awareness-raising measures and codes of conduct are often more effective than large investments in technical security. The organisation must also be enabled to detect successful attacks and promptly introduce measures to contain the damage.

  • Public security networks

    For the e-government with digital administration services, highly secure networks such as the BOS digital radio network and communication between authorities and official institutions, there are specific requirements for technical and organisational security. With our expertise in strategic consultation and operative implementation, we can help you to effectively guarantee security; private companies in the field of critical infrastructure (CRITIS) can also benefit.

  • Security quick check and maturity level determination

    We will analyse your existing security measures in terms of people, organisation, technology and emergency planning. The maturity level determined can also be used to shift only the residual risks within the framework of a cyber insurance policy – and combat the preventable risks with significantly cheaper and more effective internal measures.

  • Penetration test and weak point analysis

    With the technical approaches of criminal hackers, we will check your IT infrastructure in detail for existing weak spots, and you can also have the awareness of your employees tested for cyber risks using constructed social engineering methods. A detailed outcome report will then serve as a basis for improvement measures in your IT administration, and for additional staff training.

  • Interactive retail

    With an information security management system (ISMS) according to ISO 27001 or BSI IT basic protection, you can systematically establish comprehensive protection against cyber risks. We will help you with the introduction and configuration of your management system, and we will help you prepare for certification.

  • Network monitoring and IT forensics

    The prevention of cyber risks is important, but it is not enough for effective protection. Your networks should be permanently tested for potential intruders. In addition, you should be able to ward off detected attacks or limit them, and then identify their causes afterwards. We will advise you on the selection and introduction of corresponding tools and methods.